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Where Hinduism and Buddhism meet

05 Apr 2019 - 07 Apr 2019

Though yoga and Buddhism have evolved into two distinct disciplines, they stem from common roots and their teachings remain some of the most accessible and profound. 


In the forests of Vedic India, pupils gathered around teachers who instructed them in the path of liberation called yoga, meaning “union.” One such student, in the 6th century BCE, was a young mendicant who came to be known as the Buddha. Three centuries after that, the teachings of yoga were compiled by Patanjali as the Yoga Sutras, and another two millennia later, the teachings of both Buddha and Patanjali have found a new home in the West.

Though yoga and Buddhism have evolved into two distinct disciplines, they stem from common roots and their teachings remain some of the most accessible and profound. In this 3-day intensive journey we will explore differences and complementary concepts within these two classical systems as reflected in asana practice, as well as through study and chanting of traditional texts.

Join our beautiful retreat in the heart of spiritual magnetism and stillness among the outlying hills of the mystical Carpathian mountains.

This retreat centre was carefully selected to offer participants the chance to reconnect with nature and provide a nurturing ground to create space and healing in oneself.

Buddhist Perspective:
In this world, nothing continues. Everything ends; everything changes. From the perspective of our conceptual mind, everything is always ceasing and arising. This kind of existence is not safe, not absolute. We need to understand the nature of truth to understand this existence. Therefore, it is fundamental to the Buddhist approach to understand that there are two levels of truth: conventional truth and absolute truth.

In this retreat we’ll emphasise the Tantrayana which is one of the three main paths, or vehicles (yana), of Buddhism. On the Tantrayana path we use the body to work with the mind.

Hindu Perspective:
Hinduism has six major schools of philosophy, one amongst them is yoga. According to yogic philosophy, action is the most important aspect of attaining any spiritual insight. That is why Patanjali, the father of yoga, always emphasizes on “practices” of yoga, not just philosophy. According to yoga, the body is an instrument to attain enlightenment and it should be treated and worshipped like a temple.

In this retreat, we will systematically go through the eight limbs of yoga which deal with various aspects of practices from moral and ethical codes to breathing, cleansing, asana, and meditation practices.

Highlights of the retreat:
☼ Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist philosophies
☼ Hatha Yoga classes
☼ Yoga Nidra classes
☼ Lu Jong - Tibetan Healing Yoga classes
☼ 9 Breaths of Purification technique
☼ Mantra Chanting
☼ Tarot Reading
☼ Short trekking (great way to connect to the area)
☼ Plenty of time with ourselves

We are both delighted we can offer our love and devotion of yoga, guided breath work, meditation and various other practices and offer this sacred space for students to dive deep and unfold on their yoga journey in a fun, relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Hitesh & Rezan


Find out more about:
• Hitesh: Yoga with Hitesh
• Rezan: Bodhi Yoga cu Rezan, www.bodhiyoga.ro


April 5-7 at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains with Hitesh & Rezan, our spiritual guides for the weekend

Registrations: contact@bodhistudio.ro / 0752240146

What else is included:
• two nights of accommodation in a shared double room
• vegetarian meals cooked with love during our stay
• daily yoga classes indoor & outdoor
• short trekking
• meditation sessions
• bonfire

Transportation is not included, but carpooling is always a great idea.

Optional activity:
☼ Tennis (on the premises)


Come with an open heart, come joyful.


875 lei

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