Satsang with Hitesh

Bodhi Studio

Sâmbătă, 01 Dec, 18:00-19:30

Advaita Darshan: A Glimpse into Non-dual Vedantic Philosophy


Advaita philosophy is one of the major philosophical systems of Indian philosophy. It preaches the non-dual nature of self. It believes in ‘one’ and calls the appearance of ‘many’ as maya [loosely translated as ‘illusion’] and argues that the truth we are seeking is we ourselves. It believes in oneness of the existence. It is a profound philosophy which is studied by practitioners for their entire lifetimes until the truth of the teachings is realised. 
I have been a huge follower of this philosophical system since past many years. This philosophy has not only worked as a guide to my spiritual journey but helped me thrive in my day-to-day functions. The application of this philosophy to our daily lives is what makes it all the more interesting and this is the reason I want to introduce it to you all. 

It is a pure philosophy. You don’t become a Hindu by studying Indian scriptures. This is a rational, thought-provoking inquiry to our‘selves’. Join me to have a profound conversation on a deeper topic. 

The program will look like this:
First I talk, you listen. Then you ask, I answer. Simple. And we close the session with mantra chanting.

Note: I am not a subject matter expert in this. I am not a recluse monk from India. I have only studied it with utmost curiosity and interest by self-study and under the guidance of my teachers, the most important of them is my own father. Once I dived into it, there was no coming back. I invite you with an open mind to this satsang so that we have an experience of joy and peace by the end of it. 


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