The Yin Journey with Christo Baltazhar

Bodhi Studio

Joi, 20 Dec, 19:00-20:30

Christo Baltazhar will guide you through 90 minutes of Yin Yoga postures in a guided meditation with focus on breath and body awareness. 

The Yin Journey: Relaxation and Release with Christo Baltazhar

Christo Baltazhar invites you to an inner journey of relaxation and peace. He will guide you through 90 minutes of Yin Yoga postures in a guided meditation with focus on breath and body awareness. This particular form for yoga and bodywork is intended to bring each participant to a deep relaxed state
while shifting positions in a slow and peaceful manner. This opens up the potential for each unique body awareness which by itself invites onto an even deeper journey of introspection and self-acceptance. This workshop is suited for all ages, types and levels of experience.

About Christo Baltazhar:

Christo started his yoga practice in 2002 after struggling with back pain that came with his Scheuermann`s Syndrome. Forced to relieve the chronic state of pain he sought out the yoga practice as a constructive healing. After a couple of years he recovered and regained integrity in the spinal chord, and he began his professional education as a yoga teacher.

His first certification was in Costa-Rica in 2013 at the Hari-Om Yoga school where he earned a degree as a Vinyasa yoga teacher with YTT200HR certification. He continued to deepen his understanding of the yoga practice by several Yin Yoga educations with international Yin Yoga master Biff Mithoefer, adding to his YTT300HR certificate. As a complementary training to the yoga work he has in addition completed a degree as Kinesiologist, working with the energetic dimensions of the body. Besides yoga and bodywork he is also engulfed in aura science, as a professional practitioner 
of Human Design System. He is the director of Human Design System Norway and is currently working both in Norway and Romania with the yoga concept "The Yin Journey". Part from being a festival- and event-organiser, he is also a public-speaker, and a proud father of his 16-year old son Mathias. 



Thursday, December 20th, 19:00-20:30
@ BODHI Studio (Int. Victor Eftimiu 2, 4th floor)

// limited seats //

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